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REVVO ATDC/ATAC motors are designed for precision braking and frequent starts/stops and feature high braking torque and matched rectifiers which result in reliable braking solutions.

  1. The hand lever permits to release the brake allowing for shaft rotation.
  2. The brake can be energized by connecting the supply to its terminals located inside the terminal box.
  3. 3PTCS, one per phase, duly connected in series.

PTO thermal protection is optional.

REVVO ATDC motors use DC brakes power supplied by a rectifier installed inside the motor’s main terminal box.

REVVO AT24 motors use DC electromagnetic brakes with 24V DC input type which can be operated through an inverter.

REVVO ATAC motors use brakes similar in working with DC electromagnetic type but operated on AC power supply.

Brake coil insulation is class H.

Brake lining is asbestos free.

Brake assemblies are protected against corrosion by painting or hot galvanizing and resin impregnated wiring.

Rating & Frame SizeVoltageFrequencyDutyInsulationProtection
0.18kW – 22 kW / 4, 6 pole / 63 – 180 frame380 / 400 / 415 / 46050 / 60 HzS1/S3 / S4 / other duty on requestClass F (Class H on request)IP55

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