Medical Oxygen Pressure Regulator

Medical Oxygen Pressure Regulator

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Technical Data

Medical Oxygen (O₂)

Inlet Pressure:

Up to 150 bar

Nominal Outlet Pressure:

0 – 60 psi

Inlet Connection:


Flow Range:

0 – 15 lpm / 0 – 25 lpm

Body Material:

Aluminium anodize


40 micron


Plastic white, black lettering

Dial Size:

50 mm

Flow Setting:

12 Steps (including zero position)

Operating Temperature:

-10°C to 180°C

Sealing Material:


Design Standard:

IS/ISO 10524-1:2018


  • Pressure regulator with humidifier
  • Brass construction
  • Flow control unit
  • Good grip, easily operated hand-wheel
  • Preset integrated pressure relief valve (Above 180bar)
  • Easy to assemble humidifier
  • Easy to clean
  • Flow-meter with a stop at 0
  • Teflon taped cylinder connection
  • Ergonomic plastic hand-wheel on inlet connection for easily attach with cylinder by hand

Dimensions Drawing

(All Dimensions are in mm)

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