FRC with Metal Bowl

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FRC1M series – Sizes : G1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1
Modular type
Suitable for panel mounting
  •  Bronze filtering element   
  •  Separator and shield for efficient moisture separation
  •  Press type manual drain for easy operation
  •  Suitable for automatic drain
  • Diaphragm operated, relieving type
  • Pressure compensated by balanced poppet
  • Flow compensated
  • Non raising Press to lock adjusting knob
Aluminium bowl guard, bayonet type (3/4 and 1″ only)
Good flow and regulating characteristics
            These type of filters are used for Chemical, Paint shops, Pharmaceutical, Foundry etc.
  • Note the direction of flow before installation and connect piping accordingly.
  • Flush pipings for dirt, dust, rust and other foreign particles.
  • Install in clean atmosphere.
  • Nipples of taper threads ( R ) to be used with teflon tape. Ensure teflon tape does not enter the unit during tightening. Nipples of straight threads ( G ) to be used with sealing washer.
  • Polycarbonate bowls may get damaged and possibly fail if exposed to synthetic oils, thinner, solvents, trichloroethylene, kerosene or other aromatic hydrocarbons.

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