STADIO pre-stages

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STADIO construction is modular and can therefore be supplied as a separate unit to be mounted on any type of fitted geared motor (PAM). STADIO is supplied by Rotomotive with synthetic oil and is life lubricated. No maintenance will be required under prescribed load conditions. Like all coupled gearboxes and motors manufactured by Rotomotive, the whole STADIO range can be mounted in any position. Application position need not be specified in the order. Generally STADIO is used in conjunction with another gearbox. A powder paint coat fills out the aluminum porosity and protects the housing from oxidation. In order to decrease noise, increase efficiency and durability, gears are made with case hardened (HRC59-63) tempered steel 20CrMnTi (UNI7846) with the tooth involute accurately ground

motor flange
STADIO-63 63B5
STADIO-71 71B5
STADIO-80 80B5
STADIO-90 90B5

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